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Fixie/Singlespeed Frames

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A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, sometimes known as a fixie) is a type of track bicycle or track bike intended for use on the road. Unlike track bicycles or track bikes, fixie bikes can have a singlespeed freewheel sprocket instead of or in addition to a standard track cycling fixed gear sprocket. In order to make these Track Bikes suitable for the Road they also sometimes include brakes.

Fixed Gear Bikes that can not be used on for Track Cycling on a Velodrome or Outdoor Track due to the geometry not meeting the requirements of Track Cycling are listed in our Fixie/Singlespeed section below

However details in the product specification for of each item informs you of the capabilities with regards to Road use for each individual product so even if a product is not listed below, check the product specification for details on how to convert it for Road Use.

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