Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Cartridge

Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Cartridge
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Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Cartridge, Phil Wood & Co. manufactures square taper bottom brackets for nearly all square taper cranks.

The spindles are made out of either US produced heat-treated stainless steel or aerospace grade titanium. Standard spindle lengths range from 70mm to well over 155mm. The spindles are sold as either a plain spindle (for use with press-fit style bottom bracket shells) or assembled in a cartridge with bearings. Cartridge widths are available for bottom bracket shells in 63, 68, 73, or 100mm with any spindle length to accommodate the target frame. Custom spindle lengths and cartridge widths are available upon special request.

Our cups (also known as mounting rings) are sold separately from the bottom brackets and are available in all the threadings (British, Italian, Raleigh Super Corsa, French, Swiss, and Chater Lea).

Extended cups with a left-hand lock ring are available in British threading for use with E-Type derailleurs or to hold a bracket to mount a chain guard.

Our heat-treated stainless steel spindle bottom bracket is offered with an aluminum alloy cartridge and our PWX03 bearings. It is offered for maximum durability and minimum flex.

Material: Stainless Steel
Fitting Tool (Required/Not Included): Phil Wood
Shell Type (Required/Not Included): BSA (English) or Italian
Spline Type (Required/Not Included): Phil Wood
Axle Type: Square Taper JIS or ISO - Select via menu
Axle Width: 102mm, 108mm, 111mm (ISO) or 113mm, 116mm, 119mm (JIS)
Weight: 192g

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