Velodrome Shop Elite Cycling Tool Kit

Velodrome Shop Elite Cycling Tool Kit
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Velodrome Shop Elite Cycling Tool Kit is designed by Icetoolz and contains all the tools you will require for maintaining your bike to a professional standard. 

Tools included:
WD-40 (1.5oz)
Crank remover
Precise 8-groove spoke tool, for 10-15G
Freewheel tool for Shimano CS compatible cassettes
Pro shop 3/32 chain whip, with ergonomic handle
13x15+14x16mm cone wrench set, set of 2 pieces
Two-way brush
Multi-speed freewheel turner 
15mm pedal wrench
1/2" drive wrench, with quick release function
Pro shop apron
Shimano Hollowtech II compatible crank adaptor
Glueless patch set AirDam, 6 patches per set 
Professional tool for chainwheel bolt Installation
PH1 Philips screwdriver
S6 Flathead screwdriver
8x200mm hex key wrench with coating
Cable cutter
POM tire levers, set of 3 pcs
6" forged adjustable wrench
"Mighty-9" 1.5x2x2.5x3x4x5x6mm hex keys, +/- screwdrivers
"Star-8" T-9x10x15x20x25x27x30x40 Star Keys

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