Gusset Tank Chain

Gusset Tank Chain
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Gusset Tank Chain, super Heavy Duty 1/8" chain for those who require super tough chains.

  • Pin Length 11.6mm, Pin riveting Power 300Kg (standard chain is 150Kg) 
  • Average Tensile strength 1500kg. (standardchain is apprx 1000kg)
  • Plate width 1.4mm (standard chain is 0.8mm)
  • Size - 1/2 x 1/8"
  • Pin Width- 11.6mm
  • Colour- Chrome

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Reviewed by legion.hex
Gusset Tank
I love this chain in every way mega fat chain much bigger than seen in the picture.
But be aware of chain breaker you might need to mod' and spoke chain contact you might need spacers I've used 3mm of spacers to fit too 0.5mm off the perfect chain line, it's also a heavy fella and has a much-increased Roling resistance otherwise super fun thing to have on a bike great Christmas present for any weight weenie

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