Vittoria Pista Evo
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World-class tubular with our unique, track-specific Corespun 320 TPI casing, Pista Evo was created with the active input of the UCI World Cycling Centre and the Australian National Track Team who in addition to the British Cycling team use these tyres to dominate the world of Track Cycling.

World-beating track tubular, winner of every single Olympic Title in Beijing and London, the Vittoria Pista Evo Tubular are affordable quality that can give you the edge on the Track.

Track-specific 320 TPI casing, inflate to 15 bar for outstanding performance.

Casing Technology: Corespun T 320 TPI
Tread Compound: Kevlar Si02
Valve: 42mm Full RVC Alloy
Pressure: 145/215 psi

28" x 19 135g
28" x 23 150g

28" x 19 140g
28" x 22 160g

Removable Valves

All Vittoria Tubular Tyres that are supplied with a Red Valve, like the Vittoria Pista Evo, have removal valves so you can either install a larger valve via the following Vittoria Valve Extension Kit for deep section rims or remove the valve completely with pilers for Disc Wheels.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Anonymous
Worth it
"Expensive yes, but IMHO well worth the investment if you want the quality and the competitive edge. Treat them with respect and they will reward you with a fast ride.
Reviewed by SimonJohns
olympic quality
when i read all the medal winners in beijing used these i bought some to see if they were really that good even though they are low cost

well they are, very smooth, easy to fit, durable and puncture proof - BIG PLUS

my times have been improved, not sure how much a tyre helped, but not complaining!