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Cobra Track Cycling Bike

Cobra Track Cycling Frameset from Velodrome Shop for serious Track Cyclists, this frame is constructed from the 1K weave uni directional carbon fibre suitable for all Track Cycling disciplines. The Cobra represents the end of a long development process from the manufacturer's highly skilled frame-builders.

Full Bike Setups
Velodrome Shop offer a number of different Cobra Track Cycling Full Bike Setups that are delivered fully assembled for every budget range and riding type, all of which can be found below. If you would prefer to order the Cobra Track Cycling Bike with a different setup to those listed on our website, contact us and we'll provide a quote.

Frame Only
Also available as Frameset only (Click Here)

Size Guidelines
When choosing a bike size there is a number of important factors to consider, read our full guide here Click Here

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