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A track cycling frame or track frame is a bicycle frame optimized for racing at a velodrome or outdoor track. Unlike road bicycles frames, the track bike frame is a fixed-gear frame so has a higher bottom bracket that ensures pedals do not touch a steeply banked track, a steeper seat tube for a more powerful aerodynamic position, steeper head tube for more responsive steering and less fork rake. Typical track frames use 120mm spacing for the rear hub. The dropouts or track ends face rearwards to facilitate chain tension adjustment with very tight clearances in front of the rear tyre that would prevent wheel removal with forward-facing dropouts.

Fixed Gear Frames that can be used for Track Cycling and on any Velodrome are listed in our Track Cycling Frameset section here - Track Cycling Frames

Fixed Gear Frames that can not be used on for Track Cycling on a Velodrome or Outdoor Track due to the geometry not meeting the requirements of Track Cycling are listed in our Fixie/Singlespeed section here - Fixie/Singlespeed Frames

However details in the product specification for of each item informs you of the capabilities with regards to Road use for each individual product.
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