Dugast Pista Latex Cotton Tubular Tyre

Dugast Pista Latex Cotton Tubular Tyre
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The Dugast Pista Latex Cotton Tubular Tyres are a professional track tube for elite Track Cycling events such as the World Championships and Olympic Games.

The thickness of the latex tread is only fifteen percent of that of a vulcanised tread. The combination of thin tread and no sidewall protection results in an extremely low rolling resistance and perfect acceleration. The red colour and latex/cotton mix guarantee excellent track riding characteristics on a smooth track

Dugast Tyres have a legendary pedigree in the World of Track Cycling, since 1972 Dugast have made world class tubular tyres to such a high quality that they've dominated the professional Track scene and become the elite option when it comes to performance Track tubulars.

It is recommended you use wheels bags during transport to protect the sidewalls.

Width: 22mm
Pressure: 8-13 bar
Weight: 155g


You will require the following tools/items to install this product on your wheel

• Tubular Tyre Glue Schwalbe Tubular Tyre Glue

• Track Pump

You may also require -

• Valve Extender, they can be found here -

The following video is an excellent video from Zipp Wheels showing the process of installing a tubular tyre on a Zipp 303 tubular wheel. The processes shown are identical to those used on a Track Wheel so the video is a very useful guide.

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Reviewed by Anonymous
Dugast Pista
It is expensive but it is the best product for track cycling, however £70 is not a lot comparative to the quality

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