Phil Wood Philcentric Bottom Bracket Cups

Phil Wood Philcentric Bottom Bracket Cups
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Phil Wood Philcentric Bottom Bracket Cups for outboard bearing cranksets. 

Provides 1/4" of chain adjustment to convert any bike to a single speed. 68mm English threading. 

The Philcentric BB Tool is required for installation and removal.

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Philcentric - pretty damed good
For reasons I won't bore you with I ended up with a warranty replacement Cannondale frame that did not have an eccentric BB shell. This was a pain becuase the rest of the bike was setup for an internal hub. Someone told me about the Philcentric, warned my about the price then directed me to a place where I could get one at nearly half price.

I like my bike gear but I'd have to say that the Philcentric was breathtakingly expensive even at the discounted price I paid. I was however money well spent. Phil Wood engineering is extra special - the finish and fit is better than anything else I've ever seen and the bearings are very good indeed.

The Philcentric solves a real problem. I suppose I could use a tensioning pulley but for me that kind of misses part of the reason for running an internally geared hub. I don't want to have anything hanging off the back of my bike - I want the external simplicity of a single speed. The Philcentric does just that. It is admittedly a bit of a fiddle adjusting the thing but you get used to it. One thing I would however suggest is that you buy a torque wrench. You end up taking your cranks off more than you otherwise would becuase you cant adjust chain tension with the cranks on like you can with a standard eccentric BB. This means that if you are heavy handed like me you are going to eventually break something. Case in point, I recently had to drill our a crack arm bolt becuase I'd rounded it off and could not turn the thing any more.

The other thing I have to report is that my non drive side cup is now pretty rough and is a bit broken. I'd put this down more to my size, riding style and the fact that I have a hole in the bottom of my frame to allow internal cable routing. This allows more grit to get into the BB shell than I'd like. Also, as already mentioned, I am heavy handed. I've also probably done 20,000 km on this cup and it has only just started to degrade. The drive side is still perfect.

Phil Wood offer a 30 something dollar service for the cups which is impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that I've just ordered a new unit so that I can shift in a spare part while I wait for the service. That way I can keep riding and have a spare Philcentric for a second bike I'm restoring. This is a vote of confidence for a great piece of kit. You really are in Rolls Royce territory with Phil.

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